523 - Quality improvement project to improve the use of the Team Talk Database system by the OMFS SHOs over 4 months.

PM Barnes JP Wells
Presented by: Philippa Barnes
Royal Gwent Hospital

Intro The Team Talk Database system should be familiar to many of the OMFS departments across Wales. It was designed by John Wells to enable junior members of staff to monitor and manage patient flow through A+E and the OMFS department. It is a useful platform to enable data collection, and subsequent audit of patients. In the RGH OMFS department, we have been using the Team Talk system since February 2020. All patients seen in A+E by the OMFS team, and those admitted under OMFS, should be logged on the Team Talk system. However, an audit of the Team Talk data earlier this year showed that some weeks only 50% of patients attending A+E were being added to the database. It was decided that a QI Project should be conducted. The aim of this project was therefore to improve the percentage of patients being added to the TeamTalk system from 50% to 90% in a 3 month period. Methods A+E records were accessed to determine the number of patients the attend A+E and are referred to the OMFS on-call team in a given week. The Team Talk data base was also accessed and the number of patients logged on the system in that same given week was recorded. A percentage could then be calculated, representing the percentage of patients who attended A+E and were also recorded on the Team Talk system. In order to establish which changes should be implemented at each cycle, a meeting was held with the junior OMFS team. Lack of time, forgetting, and lack of training were all issues that were identified. Changes that were subsequently implemented included a training booklet being provided to staff, introduction of booking follow-ups through the online system, and an update to the system to make input of patients more efficient. Results Currently this is still an active QI project. So far, data collection has shown that changes implemented at the start of each PDSA cycle has resulted in an increased percentage of A+E patients being added to Team Talk. (Conclusion to follow full results)
Consent Statement: There are no details on individual patients reported within the abstract.

Poster Quality improvement project to improve the use of the Team Talk Database system by the OMFS SHOs over 4 months.