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Newport Maxillofacial DCT:

Dear SHOs

I am working as a SHO DCT (on-call post) in Newport Maxillofacial surgery. 

Its been a fantastic experience working here. I came into this job after a 1 year experience in maxfax. Job started with an induction where the department helped us acclimatise to the department and the hospital, which I found extremely helpful. There have been regular teaching from the staff grades and seniors with regards to dental and medical scenarios we face everyday at the job, this has helped us gain a lot of confidence while dealing to patients.

The consultants are very supportive and approachable. They take interest in our needs and goals and guide us towards it. Their encouragement and positive feedback has helped us gain confidence in our work. They have treated us with respect which makes this job stress free. 

Staff grades here are very experienced. They are very supportive. Anytime we have a doubt and need help they are there. We get to learn a lot from them as we are paired with them for procedures .

In this department I have got a lot of opportunity to do oral surgical procedures both under LA and GA. This job is ideal for people looking to get good experience in oral surgeries like surgical extraction, cyst enucleation, excision of oral lesions.   

We get good exposure in trauma management and dentofacial infections during oncall. Oncall here is not too busy which gives us ample time to finish projects. 

This job is very well balanced. We get enough time for ourselves to study, do projects and exams which helps us build our CV. Seniors and education supervisors push us in a very constructive way to reach our goals. This department treats all juniors doctors with respect. All this has created a very friendly environment at work which makes us really enjoy the job. Hope you guys enjoy this job as much as I have.




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